America’s Very Own Strongman Tells Social Media to Censor More


American strongman Joe Biden wants social media to censor more. Obviously, it’s interfering with his hideous plans for us.




  1. Too much truth getting out? Bro still looks for the muscle car pics and memes.
    He had me cracking up earlier saying that 1970’s photos of Let’s Go Brandon look like the ultimate used car salesman. Runs great, no engine.
    The laughter will be legendary over the mental gymnastics and projection that the CPUSA will use as they attempt to portray themselves as being on the right side of history with censorship and brick walls to contain the stench of third world corruption.
    You have to move quickly when there is no mandate. (h/t-Crüella)

  2. The 60,000,000 people who actually voted for Traitor Joe are Dumb as Dirt. The 20,000,000 Dead People who voted for Traitor Joe, actually really were Brain Dead! It’s now so bad that the MSM can’t even keep track of the Lies and Propaganda.

  3. @ Anon,

    A great Paul Revere callout for the controlled intentional demolition of a formerly great republic.
    Since we are atomized and divided, each individual will have to choose what hill to charge up but choose wisely as it could be the last.

    @ GG,

    Read that 44,000 was all it took to burn it all down better thanks to the Big Steal and it was spread across several plus states.

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