An Iranian Agent in the Pentagon Could Be Tied to Attack in Jordan


The Committee on Oversight and Accountability was recently investigating the Biden Administration’s efforts to conceal details about ongoing secret nuclear negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran from Congress, ignoring statutory obligations for congressional oversight.

Former Special Envoy for Iran (SEI) Robert Malley and members of his negotiating team may have had compromising ties to the Iranian regime. The United States made recent concessions to Iran, potentially in violation of the Iranian Nuclear Review Act.

Releasing them from sanctions gave them the funds to use proxies to terrorize Israel and our military. The other Arab nations also have to deal with the fallout.

These concessions occurred as Mr. Malley—the Administration’s top negotiator with Iran—is under investigation for the alleged mishandling of classified material. Mr. Malley already had a history of appeasing United States’ adversaries, including meeting with the terrorist group Hamas. The ongoing investigation into Mr. Malley’s security violations is so serious that he was suspended from his position without pay.

His security clearance appears to have been canceled.

His Team Included Ariane Tabatabai

According to recent media reports, a former member of Mr. Malley’s Iran negotiating team, Ariane Tabatabai, was in close contact with the Iranian regime for years. Ms. Tabatabai participated in the regime-backed Iran Experts Initiative (IEI), launched by senior Iranian Foreign Ministry officials in the spring of 2014. The alleged purpose of the initiative was to cultivate a network of European and U.S. researchers that could be used to bolster Iran’s image on global security matters, especially its nuclear program.

“Its members reportedly worked very closely with the Iranian regime toward this end. Incredibly, despite her previous contact with Iranian regime officials through this unofficial regime-backed network, including consulting with them regarding her potential travel, Ms. Tabatabai is now a high-level staffer within the Department of Defense, where she continues to hold a security clearance,” the lawmakers said.

Our Fate?

Now, we have a case of our soldiers being attacked at a base in Jordan. The drone that killed three people and injured 30 was not shot down because it came in at the exact time of a U.S. drone.

Daniel Greenfield, writing for Israpundit, would like to know how this happened without inside information and if our government is compromised. He warns of the potential danger Miss Tabatabai poses to other enemy agents in the Pentagon.

When the Iranians sent the drone in, they knew where the living quarters were, what our procedures for drone arrivals and departures were, and when one of our drones would be coming back.

Greenfield said Ariane Tabatabai’s presence in Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict raises a troubling possibility. Tower 22, where the attack occurred, was used as a jumping-off point by special operators, and the US presence in that area falls under the shadow of her office.

He thinks she might have ended up in that office because of her ties to the Iranian regime.

This is still conjecture on his part, but one has to wonder why we have an Iranian-born woman who is closely tied to Iran, and trying to make them look good, working so high up in the administration. It’s not just her. There are others tied to the terrorists of Iran who were in these high-level offices. Read the article at Israpundit here.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
20 days ago

he inmates (traitors/terrorists) run the White House insane asylum.