An Offensive KJP Claims J6 Riot Was Worst Attack Since the Civil War


Gaslighting Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) said the riot on Jan. 6 was the worst attack since the Civil War. That’s extemely offensive. My family served in every major war since the Revolution and they were all worse than a riot. Some suffered terribly. The relatives who served in Korea, WWI and WWII came back in terrible shape. I lost the usher at my wedding on 9/11, along with friends. That too was worse than a riot.

The George Floyd riots with $2 billion in damage and 25 dead, including police officers, was worse than the Jan. 6 riot.

While Democrats lie shamelessly, claiming officers lost their lives at the hands of rioters on J6, only one person was murdered. That person was Ashley Babbitt who was murdered by a Capitol Hill police so-called hero with a trigger finger.

The riot was never an insurrection and hard as they tried, the corrupt federal prosecutors couldn’t find anyone to charge with insurrection. Instead, they dug up a law from the Civil War and charged rioters as conspirators.

It doesn’t stop there. KJP said Biden has worked on the border since day one. That’s true if she means he’s worked at opening it. The press secretary, a bald-faced liar, said the border isn’t open. Yikes!

Great job, Joe! KJP is Stalinesque in her attempts to deceive.

The border isn’t open? How stupid does she think we are?

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1 year ago

The Lies are getting old and day by day less people are believing them.