Animal “Nutjobs” Protest with Milk Pours


The far-left animal “nutjobs,” as one Twitter user described them, are now engaging in milk pours as part of their animal rebellions across England.

Animal Rebellion protesters go into stores like Harrods and pour milk onto shop floors, displays and products across England. In other words, they’re vandals.

The group co-ordinated the action in stores like Waitrose, Whole Foods, and Marks and Spencer in London, Manchester, Norwich, and Edinburgh just before 12pm on Saturday.

They take milk from the shelves and pour it onto display cabinets in Harrods’ food hall in Knightsbridge.

“Animal Nutjobs”

These are small groups, but they get a lot of attention.

Another group was filmed emptying milk bottles onto the floor and across a table laden with cheeses in Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly.

Animal Rebellion said it calls for a plant-based future and highlights the need to support farmers in transitioning to a sustainable plant-based food system.

These brainwashed revolutionaries from the World Economic Forum set also want us to eat bugs and weeds.

One rebel, Lou Hadden, a charity worker from Herefordshire, said: “This is not how I imagined spending my weekend.

“Unfortunately, this disruption is necessary to get those in power to listen to the academics at Oxford, Harvard, and the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

“The world’s best climate and land scientists are calling for the transition to a plant-based food system,” according to the rebels.

“We need bold and decisive politics at this time, not the horror show we currently see.”

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3 months ago

Milk is a plant-based food. It’s processed by vegetarian cows.
These people are dumb and wasteful. Lock ’em up.

3 months ago

Why does the headline put “nutjobs”‘ in quotes?
They’re moronic marxists, and criminal vandals to boot.

3 months ago

Vandals like Rioters should be shot on sight. If the WEF Cult would just get rid of Liberals that would be a good start to their culling of the Human Herd.

3 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

I call it the “25 cent solution,” although a box of ammo is a bit more than 25¢ per round these days.

3 months ago

So there are almost 9 billion; 9,000,000,000; people on the planet. They all fart 24/7 expelling methane and other noxious fumes, (Yes ladies we know you fart too) far and away exceeding cow gas. The animals in the wilderness fart 24/7, the animals in the sea fart 24/7.
Just sayin’ 😉