Biden’s Vote-Buying Scheme Begins – You’re Paying for It


Biden’s vote-buying college freebies at taxpayer expense has begun. The Education Department is “beta testing,” a form that they will use to eliminate millions of federal student loans with tax dollars from Americans who didn’t get to go to college.

“Borrowers will not need to reapply if they submit their application during the beta test, but no applications will be processed until the site officially launches later this month,” a department spokeswoman said.

Some immediately pounced on the suddenly active site.

“Application for student debt relief is now live!!” Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat of Minnesota, tweeted.

We are deeply in debt, and this administration won’t stop spending, especially if it gets them votes. It’s only a vote-buying gimmick with taxpayer dollars.

Biden plans to eliminate up to $20,000 per borrower in federal student loan debt. It has been challenged in court, intensifying the pressure on the administration to spend the money fast. It’s also in time for the election.

A federal judge in Missouri heard oral arguments this week on a lawsuit from a group of Republican state attorneys general seeking an injunction to prevent the debt cancellation from being implemented.

They don’t care if they lose in court. They’ll give out freebies quickly and get the votes of their favorite donors. The donors are people who often have useless degrees and want other working stiffs to pay for them.

They’re vote-buying

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