Anomalies strongly point to fraudulent votes in some blue cities


Steve Cortes appeared on Howie Carr’s show and described the compelling statistical anomalies that strongly point to fraud in the presidential election in the cities where Joe Biden needed the votes.

For example, in Georgia, the prevalence of Biden-only ballots with no other Democrats chosen is a statistical anomaly. People only voted for Biden and not the down-ballot. The opposite was true of the votes for Donald Trump.

Cortes did not see the Biden-only ballots phenomenon in any other state.

The turnout in Wisconsin was 90% which is hard to believe. In Milwaukee, the entirety of Biden’s win is from Milwaukee, but what is not rational is the 84% turnout.

We saw an extremely high turnout in the exact places where Biden needed it.

This does not prove fraud but all these anomalies indicate audits are needed.

Pennsylvania’s rejection rate of mail-in ballots was also an anomaly. They only rejected .03% and that is 1/30th of the normal rejection rate. They were too inundated to properly vet the ballots.

Votes were not vetted.

Biden outperformed Obama — massively — only in the places he needed to. Obama was a rock star, Biden is a lazy, doddering old man. One would have to believe Biden is massively more popular than Barack Obama.

The media is no help. They believe if they call Biden the president enough, it will become true.

Just Audit!

You can read the unbelievable statistical anomalies on this link at the National Pulse.


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