Another Judge Rejects Mueller’s Request After Russian “Trolls” Show Up


Mueller attempted to drag out the Russian Troll Farm Case which was supposed to go nowhere and act as a show trial. His request was denied after some lawyers for the Russians actually appeared — unexpectedly.

Last February, Mueller indicted 13 Russian citizens and three Russian companies with using social media and other means to foment strife among Americans in advance of the 2016 U.S. presidential election,” Politico reported.

One Russian company unexpectedly hired lawyers, went to court, and took Mueller by surprise.

The company, Concord Management and Consulting, is contesting the charges and will plead not guilty. Josh Gerstein covered the surprising events for Politico.

Gerstein stated that by defending against the charges Concord can and has demanded discovery about how the case was put together and what evidence was collected. It could expose intelligence.

Mueller wanted a delay to find out if Concord was properly served. Concord said they have appeared voluntarily and are not contesting anything. They are not trying to quash the summons.

Mueller is incapable of ending anything and this is quite a monkey wrench.

On Saturday, U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich denied Mueller’s request made on Friday and offered no explanation for her decision to deny putting off the scheduled Wednesday arraignment for Concord Management and Consulting, one of the three firms charged in the case.

There were 13 Russians indicted in the high-profile February indictment. There is no way any Russians were ever supposed to show for the trial. It appears to have been a trial intended for its PR value.

On Friday, Mueller’s prosecutors disclosed that Concord’s attorneys, Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly, had made a slew of discovery requests demanding nonpublic details about the case and the investigation.

Prosecutors for some reason wanted a delay to determine if the summons were officially accepted by the Russians.

Friedrich, a Trump appointee based in Washington, sided with Concord and said the arraignment will proceed as scheduled Wednesday afternoon.

First Time in Litigation History Prosecutor Says He Didn’t Obtain Good Service of Process

As powerlineblog points out, Mueller didn’t expect any of the Russians to show up. And here is a company that hired an attorney, contesting, demanding discovery. Concord wants all the records in the case. They want to know how the special counsel arrived at his conclusion and they want to see the evidence. The judge sided with the Russians.

Mueller wanted to drag out the proceedings for whatever reason.

This is what an author quoted on the blog writes: “One hates to be in the position of rooting for the Russians, but the Mueller Switch Project is so distasteful that it is hard not to enjoy the prospect of Mueller having to deal with an actual adversary in court. Meanwhile, this is probably the first time in the history of litigation that a plaintiff (here, prosecutor) has told a court that it may not have obtained good service of process on a defendant that has appeared to defend the case on the merits. Mueller to Court: We didn’t really mean it, Judge! We had no idea they might actually show up!”

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5 years ago

Don’t expect anyone to be charged in this entire fiasco. One special agent was found to have committed crimes was referred by the IG for criminal charges only to subsequently reverse themselves.

Investigators also uncovered other instances of serious misconduct by the agent, saying he “divulged law enforcement sensitive information to unauthorized individuals; misused his government issued electronic devices; provided misleading testimony during a related civil deposition; mishandled classified information; misused his position during contacts with local law enforcement officers; and provided false information to the OIG.” But, since he retired he will be free of all charges.

We can be assured that Page, Baker and all the others who have left will also escape any judgement. It will be as if nothing happened. Since they have left any further investigation will cease. In the end nothing will change. Everyone is putting their hopes in IG Horowitz but I wouldn’t put too much faith in the final product as resulting in some justice levied.

We have only to look at the case involving TIGTA and what resulted. The entire IRS scandal was brushed off by its IG. These IG’s may well look for and uncover corruption but NOT to the end of criminal charges. The purpose seems more to handle things internally by administrative actions or at most resignations, and THIS is what, so far, the DOJ / FBI has been doing. If there is found to be corruption those individuals have been allowed to leave, with benefits. Does anyone believe McCabe will be prosecuted when the unnamed special agent was not. There’s no way McCabe will be prosecuted because he has already indicated Comey will be involved in the case and I suspect the DOJ will NOT want that to happen. Once any of this would actually go to a court of law there’s no stopping it so it cannot be allowed to happen in the first place.

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
5 years ago

Sessions is a disgrace to the judicial system and to the U.S. Constitution, he is a worm in the apple of the United States of America.. No responsible adult with an I.Q above 100 would insist that Sessions should be Attorney General and that Sessions did not deceive the President of the United States in seeking the position as Attorney General. He is not stupid he is just evil.
Sessions is Brutus, who when Brutus stabbed Caesar in the back with a dagger, Caeser asked:
“Et Tu, Brute?” meaning: You too are a traitor, Brutus? Sessions is a snake

5 years ago

Good analogy. I’ve been thinkin’ he’s a modern day Benedict Arnold.

5 years ago

Nunes was on Fox and friends this morning, dropped a bombshell on Sessions………….Rep. Devin Nunes: Two weeks ago we sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a classified letter. Per usual, it was ignored… So last week we sent a subpoena. Then on Thursday we discovered they’re not going to comply with our subpoena on some very important information that we need. The only thing we can do is we have to move quickly to hold the Attorney General of the United States in contempt. And that’s what I’m going to press for this week………………what the heck is Sessions hiding or whom is he protecting???????