Another Take on Ukrainian “Democracy”


Tucker’s monologue in the clip below focuses on Ukraine, the alleged democracy. While emphasizing that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was wrong, and Ukraine has the right to defend itself, he says it is important to also tell the truth. The truth is that Ukraine is not a democracy.

Last week, Zelensky banned 11 political parties, claiming they are all pro-Russia although they are not. Zelensky is actually shutting down any opposition to him, according to Tucker.

Why are US officials claiming Ukraine is a democracy when it’s not? Maybe this is the kind of democracy they want in the United States, Tucker says.



Zelensky used the same rationale to ban 11 political parties that Putin invokes when doing the same: they’re subversive, with ties to foreign enemies. One of the parties has 10% of elected seats in Ukraine’s parliament.

After his election, Zelensky closed seven opposition television channels, suppressed the opposition press, and arrested and accused the leader of the major opposition party in Ukraine, Arsen Medvedcuk, of treason, while naming his friends and associates to powerful and lucrative high positions in the government.

Since 2014, the seceded republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have suffered approximately 14,000 civilian casualties at the hands of organized and irregular Ukrainian troops. But no Western media carry that news.

The country is corrupt and Zelensky himself was named in the Pandora Papers. He has offshore accounts. Ukraine is cited as the most corrupt nation in Europe or second-most. However, Zelensky promised to root out corruption. A survey from Freedom House indicated that the level of corruption in Ukraine had slightly alleviated since the fall of the particularly corrupt Yanukovych presidency in 2014. Freedom House also rates it “partly free” in relation to other countries in the world on the issues of political rights and civil liberties, just slightly above El Salvador, and Georgia.

The Zelensky government suppresses the speaking of the Russian language.

According to Glenn Greenwald’s research, Ukraine has a Nazi battalion:

Zelensky was allegedly snatched from his career as an actor, comedian, cross-dresser by an Oligarch, Igor Kolomoisky:

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