Anti-Auto Biden Will Host a Car Rally in Georgia


Before anyone thinks our headline has been taken from some satirical site, we have the real-world details.

Within days of Joe Biden badmouthing fossil fuel burning cars, it’s been learned he’ll be headlining a car rally in Georgia.

As written in the New York Post:

President Biden appeared to send a very mixed message Friday, saying he will mark his 100th day in office with a Georgia “drive-in rally” to promote his policy agenda — including phasing out fossil fuels.

Pro-Biden car owners will spew greenhouse gases in the parking lot of a yet-to-be-named venue in the Atlanta metro area, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution first reported.

Jen Psaki confirmed the plan.  “On the president’s 100th day in office, he and the first lady will travel to Georgia to highlight how he has delivered on his promises to the American people. While he is there, he will participate in a car rally.”

Maybe Biden thinks pretending to be “one of the folks” will help Georgians forget he was instrumental in driving the MLB Allstar game, along with $100 million dollars in much needed revenue, to Colorado.  Not likely, although Joe may have forgotten.

No mention if only electric powered vehicles will be admitted to the event, or if charging stations are available in the area.

Given Biden’s history of drawing tiny crowds to these kinds of venues,  it’s likely the “carbon footprint” will be pretty small.  Still, the optics of a bunch of car owners honking their horns to support a guy trying to dramatically limit their freedoms has great potential for good old-fashioned satire.

Somebody alert Greg Gutfeld!

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Antony Stark
Antony Stark
2 years ago

Given the incoherent fragility of this senile, word-slurring old man, I think everyone should show up in an ambulance.

Choom Bong Czar
Choom Bong Czar
2 years ago

Joebama loves him some choo choo especially the USPS of trains known as Amtrak.
A free Scranton Joe autographed working class lunch pail with Cornpops for the first 100 riders on the Solyndra powered NYC to Hawaii high speed rail.
That’s conductor AOC to you deplorable kulak untermenschen scum.
Bwahaha! These faculty lounge fellow travelers would be so cute, if they weren’t out to burn it all down by any means necessary.

2 years ago

Traitor Joe isn’t just tone deaf, he’s Deaf, dumb, and blind.