Hysterical climate con is upon us


These hysterical, dishonest climate conmen running our government are now going to terrify people over the weather and use it to push for our demise by destroying our energy sector as China collects the spoils.

Recently, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas aired a video of a CNN director talking about how the next propaganda series coming out of CNN will focus on hyped up climate terror.

They are crazy.

Laura Ingraham is right.

Biden’s plan to cut emissions by 52% is just a plan to cut our prosperity. People who had great, good-paying jobs in the oil and gas industry are allegedly going to get paid to travel around capping wells. This is just a way to give jobs to China.

Biden’s hollowing out industries Americans rely on to kill jobs and destroy our cheap energy.

We have an economic catastrophe facing us just as we come out of a pandemic.

Every nation will do what is best for their nation except the U.S. because of the hate America Democrats. The other countries just want our money, the money we have to borrow.


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