Anti-gun fanatic Bloomberg plans to turn key state blue like he did in VA


Mike Bloomberg, who founded Everytown for Gun Safety, is spending $8 million in hopes of turning Texas blue in the November 2020 elections. The Chinese-dictator-loving former candidate for president has succeeded in turning Virginia deep blue.

He pays big money to get anti-gun DAs and other key positions in place. Then, after those people win because of his funding, they turn around and help him win in the larger elections.

KRGV reports that Everytown already pledged the money and will, this Thursday, name “three staffers to help with its Texas campaign.”

Everytown senior political adviser Charlie Kelly commented: “[Texas is] clearly emerging as a top battleground state — there’s just no question about it — and it’s why we’re investing $8 million in the state this cycle. Between the investment and our network of 400,000 grassroots supporters, our goal is to do whatever it takes to elect gun sense candidates up and down the ballot in the state.”

The state is overrun with leftists fleeing highly-taxed states like California and foreigners who lean far-left. If it goes blue, it will turn the country over to the socialist Democrats on every issue. Republicans need Texas to win a presidential election.

Everytown said they intend to do the same thing this year in Texas that they did in Virginia last year.

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