Anti-Milo Reagan Battalion Interviews with Left-Wing Mic.Com


Update at the end

The Reagan Battalion gave an interview Tuesday to the left-wing outlet,, to reveal who they are. Only they didn’t reveal who they are. They were anonymous before and they’re anonymous now. Allegedly, they’re afraid of threats and will remain anonymous.

Their website has almost nothing on it and they link to conservative sites that have no affiliation with them. There’s nothing much on their Facebook page either.

For those who don’t know, this is the group that posted Milo Yiannapoulos’s Pedophilia tape, thus helping him ruin his career with lightening speed.

The Reagan Battalion says they are a group of four people in different states who exist to keep conservatives “sane” and “to keep the Trump administration on the conservative track”. Apparently, someone died and left them boss.

It’s interesting that they think it appropriate to give the interview revealing their identity to a left-wing outlet while claiming to be the arbiters of conservatism. One of their stated goals appears to be to embarrass The Gateway Pundit and The Daily Dot that tied them to Soros. The Daily Dot contacted the Battalion and asked them to comment on their research before publication but The Reagan Battalion decided to go to a left-wing outlet and attempt to embarrass them instead of answering their questions.

We still only have their word for it, however that they are not tied to the left.

It’s alarming to know that four anonymous people, if they are telling the truth, have a following on Twitter of more than 26 thousand people and no one has a clue as to who they are. The Daily Dot thought they had them nailed as a Progressive group. We reported that earlier but the Reagan Battalion, whoever they are, said they are not Progressive. They did offer some evidence disputing The Daily Dot’s research.

They said they targeted Milo after he was selected to speak at CPAC because, “Milo does not fit into being the keynote speaker at a Conservative event. He does not represent Conservatism.” That is according to their spokesperson Yossi Gestetner who was hired after the Milo blowup.

They are the authority apparently.

The group said they are not NeverTrumpers though they did support Evan McMullin. They added that they are “definitely not” tied to Soros.

So, to recap, a website of anonymous people who will remain anonymous say they are conservatives who are keeping conservatives “sane” and they are not tied to Soros, they say. And they targeted Milo because he’s not a real conservative and they had to keep all conservatives sane.


THE DAILY DOT REPORTED: Reagan Battalion lists in its contact information a website for the nonexistent Stop Donald Trump PAC. That group’s web presence has largely been deleted, but archived copies state it was paid for by the Stop Trump PAC, a registered political action committee created by a progressive activist, the website of which now inexplicably links to the grassroots group Indivisible.

In other words, they do link to Stop Trump PAC which is tied to Lerner and Soros. The Reagan Battalion is lying.


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