Anti-Police Democrat Gets Beaten and Likes Police Now


Minnesota Democrat Shivanthi Sathanandan strongly adovcated for defunding the police in 2020. It was popular then. She doesn’t feel that way now.

Minnesota Democrat Shivanthi Sathanandan

The Democrat Vice Chair was getting into her car in broad daylight with her two small children when some very young men carjacked her at gunpoint. They beat her violently, breaking her leg and bashing her repeatedly with her children watching and screaming. Neighbors tried to help her but the young gangsters held her at gunpoint.

She was very grateful to the police for saving her. Mrs. Sathanandan now wants stronger laws against young hoodlums.

Ms. Sathanandan demands consequences, saying “we need to get illegal guns off the street, catch these young people who are running wild creating chaos across our city and,” changing into screaming all capital letters, “hold them in custody and prosecute them. Period.”

Do Progressive Democrats have to get beaten to understand their policies don’t work? Voters keep voting for people with bad policies, so they never learn their lesson.

It sounds like Mrs. Sathanandan learned her lesson – hope it sticks. Peoples’ lives depend on it.

MN Democrat vice chair, who called for defunding the police, was violently carjacked in front of her kids
byu/EuphoricTrilby inwalkaway

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