Antifa Announcs ‘Deface Columbus Day’ on October 9


Christopher Columbus statue in Central Park New York

An Antifa group based in New York called the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement has declared October 9th as ‘Deface Columbus Day’. They put out a call to action on far-left websites, claiming it’s ‘going down’ and comrades should ‘decorate’ their parks and neighborhoods, damaging statues.

The group defines themselves as anarcho-communists. According to their Twitter page, they are a’ political movement dedicated to freeing people from bondage and building resistance’.

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

They have a promotional video for their ‘Deface Columbus Day’.

While the media pretends the radical KKK and Neo-Nazis are the extremists we need to worry about, violent leftists like the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement are talking about destroying the “American plantation” and killing people. They have a presence on social media and the mainstream media protects them.

Antifa are serious about burning down the plantation but they are ignored by Democrats.

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