Anyone sick of Chris Wallace yet? He mocked Trump defenders on the new Fox ‘News’


Fox News’s far-left host Chris Wallace was trending on Twitter after insulting defenders of the President in the aftermath of the alleged revelations in John Bolton’s new memoir. He’s trending and the social media left loves his attacks on everyone who tries to defend President Trump

The Fox talking head argued on Monday that the president’s defenders are attempting to downplay the revelations in the lead-up to the day’s impeachment trial. .

Wallace claimed that President Trump’s Republican defenders in Congress are spinning the accusations laid out in leaked portions of a book written by former national security adviser John Bolton.

“If you want a sense of how big the news is that we’ve heard in the last 12 hours, 14 hours, just listen to the Trump supporters,” he said, “frankly, like congressman Lee Zeldin and a lot of others, spinning like crazy that it isn’t big news,” he said. “And you get a sense that this is really an important development in this case.”

Apparently, if Trump supporters defend the President, they have to suffer the slings and arrows of Chris Wallace. He won’t respond to the actual comments, he will just insult the defenders.




Wallace sure was nasty to Katie Pavlich, who is never nasty to anyone. Someone needs to slap that man down. That was unnecessary and clearly shows bias.

Ms. Pavlich could have been clearer, but she is basically right. Witnesses were called before the impeachment. Wallace got mean because it was the special counsel who called them and not specifically the House. She then clarified that all witnesses were called while the process was still in the House. Wallace was persistent.




  1. Chris Wallace, loves to hear, Chris Wallace…….. What ever will make him noticed, he will speak, and comment on….. Investigating reporter, Not….. He is only watchable, maybe two or three minutes, then off…..

  2. Chris Wallace is no different than any other worthless reporter…he just get’s paid more. He does work for F0X, and is the consummate jerk.

    • The rare times I have been forced to watch his show, it’s all gossip. He’s a Trump hating gossip reporter. He has rigged panels. No responsible network would put out his show as a news show.

  3. Chris Wallace, keeps his job with Fox when a large majority of Fox’s core viewers are completely turned off by Wallace’s condescending and nasty comments that are directed at Fox’s core viewers. It’s perfectly clear that Wallace has more in common with the Godless Communist that are the heartbeat of the democrat party than working family folks that are Fox’s core viewers. Wallace is far more suited to be with CNN or MSNBC than Fox News.

  4. I watch him just as much as I watched Shepard Smith. Not at all! I change channel when he comes on any program at any time!

  5. Of course we’re sick of Wallace…but FNC is beginning to embrace the TDS and anti-everything vibe where a few of it’s people are concerned. The thing is…FNC doesnt CARE what you think…

  6. Another “mentor” of the Big Lie who has come to believe, that it has been repeated so many times, that by now it MUST have become truth….Sorry, once a lie ALWAYS a lie !!!

  7. FNC does not care, and that is why I have dropped them and the rest of MSM in NY>
    Newsman and OAN can fill me in on the basics until I find a way to cut cable

    • same here I turn off the channel whenever his face appears. He is just too anti-trump to watch. when he speaks to demorats he is much more calm but when he speaks to conservatives he is very critical in opinions and tone.

  8. Tucker Carlson is the only Fox show I record. I tape it to fast forward through some of his lefty guests, even though he usually makes them look like fools, I still can’t stand to listen to them.

  9. when the hell is Fox News going to remove him? he is so biased…he is not a “reporter” or “journalist”, he is just an old rag…REMOVE HIM FOX

  10. That’s it. Now I am ticked off. I am going to find 10 seniors who were not going to vote and I am going to transport them to the polls and help them vote a straight REPUBLICAN ticket.

  11. Chris is nothing like his dad. George was a right wing hardcore segregationist. Chris is a left wing nutcase totally encamped with the communist inspired democrat party. I held some respect for George. He said what he meant and meant what he said. Chris drifts with the political winds and stands strong like a wet noodle.
    He will go down in history as an …Wait!! He will not go down in history at all. A pandering, boot licking, ultra forgettable dust devil in the tornado of human affairs.

  12. I DO NOT ever watch this pompous ass Wallace .Fox needs to send him down the road along with Shep the dog Smith let them both go to work at the Communist News Network CNN.

  13. Wallace is to journalism what jock itch is to sports. FNC fire him or lose millions of viewers. We watch FNC to get away from the millions of Dem’ lapdog hacks.

  14. Turn Wallace off over and over. Fox News has changed. Donna Brazila is another loser. I find myself watching Fox less and less. In the past, Fox was on for hours. Not any more. Paul Ryan (turncoat jerk) is on the board.

  15. Chris Wallace is a complete know it all, and he simply can’t stand when he’s wrong.
    In 2016 he was a ‘never Trumper’ who basically said there was no way Trump would be elected, again, obviously he was wrong.
    What bothers me most about him is that he is so rude to guests, especially those who support Trump or who are part of the administration.
    Wallace is just a bitter man who’s still riding his dad’s coattails, and considers himself to be an ‘elite’ journalist.
    I have zero respect for him especially after the way he treated Katie Pavlich.
    What a jerk.

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