Trump Attorney Jane Raskin Shreds the Democrats


Jay Sekulow said during Monday’s impeachment trial in the Senate that they do not address non-facts and speculation. Bolton’s book was metaphorically shelved for the purposes of today’s defense.

Jane Raskin, a Trump attorney shredded the Democrats on Monday. As a result, the leftist media and social media are torching her since she is tied through her role as attorney to Mr. Giuliani and the two associates from Ukraine who are now under indictment. Did they expect a friend of Democrats to present this case?

She opened by saying the House impeachment managers used Rudy Giuliani as a “colorful distraction.”

“In short, divert attention from the holes in your case,” she said.

“The House managers may not like [Giuliani’s] style. You may not like his style. But one might argue that he is everything Clarence Darrow said a defense lawyer should be: outrageous, irreverent, blasphemous, a rogue, a renegade.” White House lawyer Jane Raskin told the Senate.

She talked about the obvious point Democrats are ignoring. Giuliani’s interest in Ukraine was about the Mueller report and “Russia collusion” conspiracy theories. That was long before Biden announced his run. He was preparing a defense for his client and it had nothing to do with 2020.

“In this trial, in this moment,” she said, “Mr. Giuliani is just a minor player, that shiny object designed to distract you..” Some are not buying that defense.

Giuliani Said She Did a Masterful Job



  1. This is the week we have been waiting for. and the lies and dishonest haters of the US President are being burned, not at the stake, a pity but in front of the US population but all people worldwide who see a man making changes to make America a better place for Americans, not free loaders and communist/socialist who call themselves ‘REAL AMERICANS’

  2. Jane Raskin was splendid, those two articles of impeachment will be made to demonstrate just how weak the dems case is against the President.

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