Apple’s removal excuse is called out as a LIE as Parler is reinstated


Hailed as a huge win for free speech, Parler has been reinstated in the Apple App Store. Parler never should have been off in the first place. Most of the planning for the January 6th riot was conducted on Facebook. That’s a fact. It was the original reason for the removal. Glenn Greenwald examined Apple’s new excuse for the removal and calls them liars.

Parler is a target of hate groups on the Left and of the media. Their survival seems shaky.

The approval must be based on very restrictive terms, limiting free speech. The Sentinel does not see this as a win. It will not be a free speech app or it won’t last long.


Apple’s letter to Rep. Ken Buck reviews their policies and a pattern of non-compliance by Parler. The letter states, “Apple’s App Review Team found a significant number of posts on the Parler app that clearly violated Guideline 1.1.1, including posts that encouraged violence, denigrated various ethnic groups, races, and religions, glorified Nazism, and called for violence.”

Guideline 1.1.1 concerns ‘objectionable content.’ That would include “offensive or discriminatory content, including that which is likely to humiliate, intimidate, or harm a targeted individual or group.”

Apps approved by Apple must be able to filter for objectionable content, they must have a reporting system in place and react in a timely manner, and they must have contact information so the developer can be reached.

Apple demanded a plan of moderation and removal. They say Parler didn’t do it, so they removed them.


Glenn Greenwald calls them out as liars and points to at least one more dangerous left-wing site that they continue to host on their platform — Sleeping Giants.

Sleeping Giants is a boycotting, cancel culture site aimed at destroying people and companies in our humble opinion.

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Fender Mustang Rosewood
Fender Mustang Rosewood
2 years ago

Modern day monopolists 21st century robber barons knew that Trump would reign in the Big Tech Bolsheviks hence…the Big Steal.

2 years ago

I really don’t care what Apple does. I don’t use their produces and much the reason why has been their politics.