Army Sgt. Dan Perry Convicted of Murdering BLM Protester Wielding an AK-47


An Uber driver, Army Sgt. Daniel Perry was convicted of murdering a Black Lives Matter protester as protester Garrett Foster approached him with an AK-47 rifle. Perry said Foster raised the AK, and he shot him in self-defense.

It was during the July 2020 riots in Austin, Texas.

At 37 years of age, Perry ended up in the middle of a Black Lives Matter march and had an altercation with protester Garrett Foster, 28, who was carrying an AK-47.

Perry said it was self-defense, but on Friday, a jury found him guilty of murdering Foster. The prosecutor said he could have driven away.

Defense attorney Doug O’Connell said prosecutors wanted the jury “to believe (Perry) had this evil plan when he turned right.”

“The protesters didn’t know anything about Perry when they attacked the car and boxed it in,” he said, “and Daniel had no choice, and that could have happened to anyone.”

Prosecutor Guillermo Gonzalez claimed, without any evidence, “This is an age-old story about a man who couldn’t keep his anger under control. It’s not about the police, and it’s not about protest marchers.”

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