Arrogant Zuckerberg blocks the entire country of Australia


Australian officials are pushing back against the Big Tech totalitarians. The Australian government is planning to fine Google and Facebook for anti-trust violations after investigations.  Some officials are discussing arrests of company officers for unlawful conduct.

As a result, Facebook has blocked all news articles from Australia. That’s what lawless totalitarians do.

They have blocked all people and news organizations in the entire country. They are restricted from posting and sharing or even viewing. Even Australian publishers are blocked.

Facebook wants to make people angry with Australia so they back off.

Facebook is now interfering with sovereign nations. It’s a private company that does whatever it wants.




  1. When Counties start requesting extradition to try the Tech Giants for crimes they will find out that they don’t have as much power as they thought. I can see these people hold up in Chinese Embassies like Julian Assange.

  2. Things like this could cause wars…did the CCP order it? (rhetorical)
    Australia got completely disarmed and now they are the petri dish of globalist totalitarianism.
    Coming soon to a fading banana republic near you.
    (S)elections have consequences.

  3. Recall when that corrupt coward, that national betrayer Bill Barr went on TV nearly 2 years ago, doing his act, pretending to be our hero, criticizing censorship and implying he would act. He of course did nothing, his standard activity.

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