Aussie Judges Order Djokovic Deported, Ban Him for 3 Years


Novak Djokovic left the country after he was ordered deported and banned from Australia for three years after the full federal court of Australia ruled on Sunday evening to dismiss his challenge to a government decision revoking his visa.

The government is being vindictive. Their reasons are ridiculous — he’s dangerous to the collective welfare?

Chief Justice James Allsop said that Djokovic’s application to overturn the Australian Immigration Minister’s cancellation of his visa had been dismissed unanimously by himself as part of the court’s three-judge panel.

Djokovic will pay all costs.

Allsop offered to hear further arguments from both parties on the decision.

However, his legal team declined. The World No. 1 tennis player will go back to the Melbourne’s Park Hotel prior to his deportation.

Djokovic’s first round Australian Open game against fellow Serb Miomir Kecmanovic was scheduled for Monday.

He will lose his chance to defend his grand slam title at the Australian Open. A draw has decided that Salvatore Caruso will replace the No. 1 seed in the Australian Open first round. Whoever wins, will never be the winner.

No Australian Open in this house.


Since I was a child, I wanted to visit Australia. It looks so beautiful and rugged. I felt an affinity for the people given their ancestry. Now, I have such a different image of so many of them and of New Zealand, I think I’ll just travel the U.S. The media also reports the people hate Americans. That’s not how I pictured Australians — as haters. I find the hard to believe. They struck me as kind, free spirits. I’ve decided not to believe it.

What they did to Djokovic, after giving him a visa and given the fact that he has natural immunity is truly cruel. He’s getting older and a three-year ban is especially unnecessary and unkind.

My sympathy goes out to those in Australia who aren’t tyrants. We have the same problem in the US as they do, but I know some Aussies who tell me many were brought up loving the monarchy.

The Left are always the perpetrators of segregation and control — always.

Djokovic comes up in this discussion below with one of Australia’s freedom fighters but the horrible treatment of Aussies is more to the point. Listen to the end:

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