Axios reports ‘Biden protective bubble will only tighten’


Axios reports Biden listens to guidance now and is no longer a blabbermouth. Also, the protective bubble will tighten.

Translation: He is losing his mind and does what he’s told, which is good since he’s getting worse.

His staff “‘…limits the places where he speaks freely and off the cuff. This Biden protective bubble will only tighten in the months ahead,’ aides tell Axios.'”

Axios reports one prominent Democrat says the lingering question is can a nearly 80-year-old person “process” multiple major issues like the pandemic, a sagging economy, an ascendant China, and pesky Russia?

The answer is absolutely not. Some can, but not him. His handlers are running the country. But we do see a crack in the facade in this Axios piece. The fraud that Democrats are perpetrating on the American people is that Biden is running the country. Biden isn’t capable of doing a thing. Most of the time, he doesn’t know what he’s reading off the teleprompter. He and Jill and figureheads. It is our first puppet government.

Democrats are wondering, at least that one sourced Democrat is wondering if China Joe can ace a simple Rose Garden news conference. It’s their “acid test.”

Axios writes: His Dec. 22 press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, suggested he could pull it off if prepped and rested.

Good grief – prepped and rested. Do they then wind him up? Undoubtedly, he also needs his medication to de-fog his mind.

Axios says this is what we need to watch: “The Biden White House will use the cover of coronavirus precautions to greatly curtail his freelance moments and access to him. The truth is, he’s a 78-year-old, high-risk American, so it isn’t just good politics but good policy.”

No, it’s not a good policy. It’s a fraud from beginning to end. He is suffering from some serious form of dementia, and he wasn’t terribly smart or honest, to begin with. That’s just a fact, no disrespect to him as a human. But he shouldn’t have run. We don’t even know who our real president is. It appears to be a conglomerate that includes Obama, Rice, AOC, Sanders, Harris, and other Marxists who want to destroy jobs.

Biden is back in a basement somewhere, taking a long lid. Listening to that earpiece is exhausting.




  1. “It is our first puppet government.” You have to wonder how many DemocRATs are now beginning to realize just how bad Joe is? How will they feel when they fully comprehend that Joe was never up to the job and they have been made a fool by the DemocRAT hierarchy in hiding the seriousness of Joe’s dementia? To elect someone who proves to be totally incompetent should be a disgrace to honorable DemocRATs (assuming any of those still exist). How do you rally around someone so phony?

  2. Everyone knew the condition Biden was/is in – and it is progressing swiftly to an end. Biden wasn’t who was being elected – rather a third term for Obama – and the agenda will now be implemented because Biden was able to ride the Dominion machines and Stacey Abrams to the presidency. Kamala will be just as easy to manipulate by those behind the scenes, just a more pathetic and silly version of Biden. This is what the Democrats stole for America.

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