Bad Dogs Giving You the News


Dolly Dachshund

There are good dogs and bad dogs. We feature bad dogs here. We can’t control them, and the bad things they publish.

Are you someone who won’t watch the news, you need to get it through memes and X posts. TikTok works too.

Today we want to see news through a bad dog’s eyes. We would never post these sorts of things, but Dolly found the news for you.

Biden kicks off his campaign.

This guy will let you know who he is soon very soon. We’re bringing in famous people.

What do you call this?

When the science is settled, you need to believe it and say it.

Democrat schemes hit Black neighborhoods.

Listen to Kamala, Black people don’t know how to get voter ID.

Yes, we are.

We found the solution to starvation.

Bad dogs do this too!

The FBI is on top of everything. They were marching yesterday.

Who can figure the crazy ways of the world?

Get the rope.

The primary in New Hampshire is going swimmingly.

Read the Road to Serfdom, we’re on it.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

“I agree with Donald Trump in many things, but January 6th shows he is against democracy.”
If people buy that fertilizer, then Democrats will keep telling that same lie again and again and even try to imprison him based on their lies.

Seems common sense is dying out!

1 month ago

Ignorance gives the serpents a leg up. All that wool makes the sheeple blind.