Jack Smith’s Wife and Her Communist Family


Cliff Kincaid wrote an article for Renew America, titled. The communist plot against Trump. In it, he goes into the special counsel, Jack Smith’s wife, Katie Chevigny.

Chevigny is a Biden donor who put together a sympathetic documentary on Michelle Obama. The real story he says, is not Katie Chevigny, but her parents. Kincaid wrote a 12-page special report on them, The Communists, Globalists, Terrorists, and Fellow Travelers Trying to Jail President Trump.

Chevigny’s parents were well-connected to the communist and terrorist movements that backed Barack Hussein Obama. Kincaid says they’re trying to destroy Trump. Her father was a leftist lawyer associated with the communist front National Lawyers Guild. Her mother was a mentor to convicted and incarcerated terrorists.

by Antonio Branco, Creator’s syndicate

Kincaid contends that it would’ve been very difficult for Donald Trump to deal with these people having been a businessman. Consider the fate of New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a Trump ally. He is being put out of business by the same forces trying to destroy Trump. These include corrupt politicians and the communists. They forced Giuliani into bankruptcy. And they’re trying to do the same thing to Trump.

Whether you like Trump or not, Kincaid says, what is being done to him is un-American. He said communists are flourishing in cities like New York City and Washington DC. He explains how that happens in his 12-page report.

Jack Smith himself has signed a solemn declaration to a United Nations-backed global tribunal. That’s what led Kincaid to his wife and her family.

Read the 12-page report on this link.  

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1 month ago

So why doesn’t Trump and his crew return the favor?

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
1 month ago

Nikita said communism would get the US from within and he said the communists would sell the US the rope to hand themselves with and that is what is happening most of the congress and senate are communists and they are winning .I doubt if the people will ever wake up half of the American people are communists and have been taught that since kindergarten by the state ran communist schools. The US is about to fall from within and from heavy gov debt.