Roy Moore Accuser, Gloria Allred, Respond to “Forged” Yearbook “Notes”


It would be very easy to just believe the Moore accusers. It feels moral, however, given the dishonesty and clear intent of his opposition, we should question the allegations. They are mostly nearly forty years old, well beyond the statute of limitations, not that we necessarily agree there should be limitations on a crime of this nature. Moore strongly denies it and as one of my readers wrote — the reader lives in Alabama — what people are ignoring is the fact that Alabamans know him and he has been seen as beyond reproach and very moral for decades.

Gloria Allred threatened those who accuse her client of being a forger. “It is also a defamatory statement to accuse her of a crime,” Allred said. “So I would say that anyone who accuses her of a crime or me should proceed at their own risk and their own peril. And I would say such risk and such peril are significant under the circumstances.”

What about Moore? It’s okay if everyone accuses him of a crime?

The Huffington Puffington Post reports that an expert, a former FBI employee, has looked at the handwriting in the Yearbook of Roy Moore accuser Beverly Nelson and he has concluded the signature is that of Roy Moore’s. There are many issues with this.

The expert, Arthur T. Anthony is listed as a member of an organization of forensic examiners, however, there are no details from the expert. The media has it, perhaps they will publish it Monday, immediately before the election. Why won’t Allred show the report or hand the Yearbook over to an independent expert?

To make another point, she didn’t mention until Friday that any of the writing were “notes”. She misled everyone, even as many asked the question. Why?

Nelson now claims only the date and location are “notes”. There is no explanation of why Roy Moore’s last name is written in a different color ink or why “D.A.” is written in the different color ink after his name since he was not a D.A. at the time.

It’s possible the photos CNN put out are incorrect and there aren’t two different inks, however, the date and location are the same color ink as “Moore, D.A.” and the name Moore is written on a different slant.

If you will notice, the ‘o’ in ‘Olde Hickory House’ is likely written by the same person who wrote “D.A.”. The “77” in the “notes” was written by the same person who wrote the 1977 so the date is no longer a given.

Without having the actual Yearbook, who knows, but there are other problems. For one, what’s wrong with the notation to begin with? In 1979, men could write notes like this without being accused of perversion. It could merely have been done out of kindness. Looking into past actions through today’s lens is difficult.

Another problem is who is this “expert”. We never heard of him. He could be Allred’s cousin for all we know.

Lastly, how do we know the date of this notation now and how does the expert know Roy Moore wrote it for certain? What exactly did he do to verify — put the information out there for all to see.

Did this “expert” date the ink?

The fact is Nelson appears dishonest and presented the entire written exchange as Moore’s until yesterday.

Some photos show the ink of one color.

The women may all be telling the truth but why should we just believe anyone without due process? Get an independent expert or shut up Allred!

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6 years ago

Is Frank Luntz a clueless elitist. That sure seems to be the case after his focus group in Alabama. The stories have “attempted” to create a pattern, and dramatically failed. Luntz brings up 7 or 9 “accusers” and asks about mistreatment of women and how women should feel about it. Is Luntz That stupid or just so ill-informed. The majority of women described NO maltreatment but rather innocent dating. In each case of “credible”, the evidence has fallen apart. The ONLY that can be pointed to is the 14 yr old, and court documents dispute HER descriptions in the story. Therefore there is None with satisfactory accusations or evidence that warrants attacks on Moore.

Luntz became So frustrated with their “support” that he asked the loaded question of why no blacks were in the group, implying the supporters were racist. He knows damn well the Democrats have used the race card in such a toxic fashion to convince Blacks they cannot support ANY Republican. He plays the race card in the same manner as despicable Democrats have done for decades. It’s too bad they let him get away with it. I would have put him on the spot and harshly confronted him.

6 years ago

In looking at the picture when enlarged does show a different style of writing. The main section has a style that is “cramped” with very very short lettering. The signature etc doesn’t have the same cramped low style but rather more bold and open. I would think this merits further analysis. So, it seems to me the writing style is not consistent throughout.

Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
6 years ago

If the corrupt democrats had brought these issues up way before FORTY YEARS had elapsed, then it would not appear to be the SLEAZY conspiracy which it appears to most voters; FORTY YEARS???? FORTY YEARS??? Even Nancy Pelosi with her jerky artificial arms and Chukie Schumer, with his groveling demeaning slithering countenance cannot over come the suspicion of FORTY YEARS.
Robert Mueller,James Comey and the lot will go down in history together with nancy and chuckie, and :”marvelous” madeline and grimy Green and the rest of the oSAMA oBAMA ORGANIZATION AS THE SLEAZIEST MOST CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION IN THE HISTORY OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY.
Osama Obama, (whom I mistakenly supported for re-election), has done more to promote a race war than any person in the history of this country. osama obama is not the black citizen’s friend and he is not a friend of any other citizen of this great country. osama obama should be sitting in the “chair” right next to the Rosenbergs who were electrocuted for giving nuclear secrets to the Russians.
Michelle Obama for president???!!! Har, Har, Har, Har, Har. Even Rodney Dangerfield deserved more respect than she ever would..
There are millions of white Americans who were seething with anger at the killing of Medgar Evers and if I had been old enough at the time, with my training as a U.S. Marine, I would have slipped away and cut the throats of the arrogant S.O.B’s who killed Medgar. (I am white) Wake up America and don’t allow those sleaze bags like congressman Lewis drive a wedge between blacks and whites.
Please look closely to discern chocolate bars from dog shit.