Ballot Fraud Found in Two States


A Wall Street Journal article reports fraud in two states, which they call “ballot mischief.”

Last week two Georgia election workers were fired for shredding voter registration forms, and this week three Michigan women were charged with fraud.

From the Journal:

Fulton County has a long record of screw-ups.

Add this to the list: Fulton County said Monday it terminated two employees who “allegedly shredded a number of paper voter registration applications received within the last two weeks.” Fellow workers reported this on Friday, and the perpetrators were fired the same day. According to the state, about 300 applications were destroyed. The context is that early voting in the next local elections began Tuesday.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has called on the Justice Department to investigate. “After 20 years of documented failure in Fulton County elections, Georgians are tired of waiting to see what the next embarrassing revelation will be,” he said. Democrats should admit he has a point, but don’t hold your breath.

The Michigan cases are also instructive. One woman, the state Attorney General’s office says, “implemented a plan to obtain and control absentee ballots for legally incapacitated persons under her care by fraudulently submitting 26 absentee ballot applications.” Another woman, who worked at a nursing home, allegedly filled out absentee applications for residents without their knowledge, while forging their signatures.

The fraudulent paperwork was caught when election workers compared the bad signature to the voter’s real one. But the state’s news release is less clear about the third woman, who “admitted to signing her grandson’s absentee ballot because she was concerned he would not have time to vote on Election Day.” The grandson voted in person, so investigators were called in April to look into “a case of double voting.”

The Journal says, however, that massive voter fraud is not everywhere as President Trump says, but to say there is none is also wrong.

Donald Trump feels this is the tip of the iceberg:

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1 year ago

The two absolute dumbest most brain dead inept incompetent least self aware incapable and totally clueless persons on the entire planet are now president and vice president of this country, all due to a rigged election.

Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor
1 year ago

Vote for the best candidate, not the party. Dismiss their promises and look instead at their lives. Sometimes a truck driver is the better choice.
A wealthy career politician is probably a bad choice.

John Vieira
1 year ago

Hearsay evidence…as much, or more than, three times ‘removed’…is acceptable to Democrat ‘jurists’ as proven tn the ‘collusion’ and Schiff debacles…yet SWORN affidavits were rejected outright by the Supreme(?) Court…The game appears to be OVER…the Fat Lady will make it official in 2022…

1 year ago

No amount of proof matters when the corrupt Feds refuse to prosecute.

1 year ago

Donald J. Trump is absolutely correct, as he usually is! This is the tip of the iceberg.

Joseph R. Biden was absolutely correct when he stated that the Democrat Party had put together “the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

If there’s one thing the sleazy ass Democrat Party does well, it’s to abandon all ethics and election laws in order to win by any means necessary.

This tales place in every election in every locality in every county in every state of the union. When swing states are involved in a Presidential election, the efforts are raised to highest level, even to the point of producing results that are STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!

New York is today trying to enable NON-CITIZENS to vote. Georgia is today trying to PREVENT NON-CITIZENS from voting.

Guess who the lame stream media and the demented Democrat Party will favor!

I urge all sane citizens of the USA to NEVER AGAIN VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT PARTY MEMBER IN ANY ELECTION FOR ANY OFFICE AT ANY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT IN THE USA. This includes elections to school boards, city councils, law enforcement, planning committees, dog catchers….whatever.


Kevin Sago
Kevin Sago
1 year ago

The Socialists are in full control. Within 3 to 5 years they will rewrite the Constitution to give them power indefinitely. We lost our Republic last November.