Baltimore State’s Attorney dismisses 600 criminal cases, tries to vacate 5,000


Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby dismissed almost 600 criminal cases for what she determined are minor offenses. In other words, minor crimes are allowed in crime-ridden Baltimore.

The minor crimes include, among others, drug possession, paraphernalia possession, prostitution (allows for trafficking), trespassing, minor traffic offenses, open container, rogues and vagabond, and urinating/defecating in public.

Isn’t that lovely?

She boasted that she already filed to vacate almost 5,000 Circuit Court and District Court marijuana convictions.

But Circuit Court Judge W. Michel Pierson and District Court Judge Kathleen Sweeney completely shot down Mosby’s request to erase those convictions on April 26, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Judge Sweeney noted that Mosby herself had asked Baltimore police to crack down on drug users and dealers in March of 2015.

“Now, this same State’s Attorney claims that drug enforcement in Baltimore City, presumably her own efforts, have had a disparate impact on African-Americans,” Judge Sweeney wrote when refusing to vacate all the marijuana convictions.

Many of these people are drug dealers. Police usually don’t just go after users. As for disparate impact, that is a Marxist concept. It means that everyone has to have the same results according to his/her identity group. So if 100 more Black people commit a crime than Whites, the Blacks will be let off the hook.

Mosby will still prosecute serious traffic offenses to be determined by her, burglary, theft, and drug sales.

However, it will be hard to prosecute drug sales if possession is off the table.

They’ll also need a poop map soon.

Instead of prosecuting police, Mosby now attempts to vacate the convictions of criminal offenders. She tried to convict six innocent officers in the death of Freddie Gray and all were acquitted in bench trials.


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JoeThePimpernel (@JoePimpernel)

Is it time?

John Vieira
2 years ago

Believe so…this crap, if allowed to fester too much longer, nay be too late???

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Is it any wonder the ANTIFA anarchists are getting away with it when state’s attorneys like Marilyn Mosby and there are others promote it due to lack of prosecution? I’m betting Marilyn Mosby is another prosecutor who is turning a blind eye to crime and whose campaign was funded by George Soros.

2 years ago

Do your best to disregard being assigned and accused of being a “racist”. So what ? Being a “racist” is not against any local, state or federal law.

Will you even lose any sleep when you are referred to as “racist” ? It is more kindergarten name-calling. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As an aside….stop wearing the face mask to save yourself from the scamvirus ! DO NOT COMPLY !

Kae Mechiso
Kae Mechiso
2 years ago

Law enforcement does not have a desperate impact. The statistics show that those that commit the crime are the ones impacted by law enforcement.

Sieg Zerstoerer
Sieg Zerstoerer
2 years ago

Gosh, I bet if you checked, at least half of those 5,600 criminal cases involved White defendants.


Stop the insanity. Grow a set and realize that ANYTHING and everything a White person does is racist, and anything and everything a non-White does is acceptable. This has to change. We are letting 13% of the population destroy the Nation.