Bannon MIght Be Imprisoned With The Most Violent Criminals


The vicious Democrats running the Justice system leaked details of how Steve Bannon will spend his four-month sentence after his conviction in a sham J6 case orchestrated by psycho Liz Cheney.

Bannon was a Trump strategist and a popular radio host. He will report to prison on July 1st.

CNN reported he will not serve his time in Club Fed as he hoped. Bannon will likely end up in a minimum-security prison camp in Danbury, Connecticut, where many nonviolent offenders serve their time. However, it also may house violent and sex offenders in its men’s population of about 1,000.

He isn’t eligible for Club Fed because he was convicted of cheating donors to a border wall two years ago.

Bannon Could End Up in Rikers

Bannon could still potentially face rougher prison environments. He may need to be held in a facility in New York City, such as the infamous Rikers Island jail, during his state trial proceedings if it takes place while he is still serving his federal sentence, one of the sources said.

The person said his time in federal prison will likely run through October if no appeals court intervenes.

Rikers is one of the most dangerous prisons in the country because it houses the worst criminals.

New York’s Rikers Island is known for being one of the world’s most deadly prisons—it’s even more dangerous than the roughest streets in the city. Violence among inmates is very common, making it a nightmare come true.

Bannon’s lawyers have appealed to delay his sentencing due to his work on Donald Trump’s campaign. However, the DOJ asked the judge to sentence him immediately.

Peter Navarro, who was also imprisoned over Liz Cheney’s sham panel, will be released on July 17 after the RNC convention.  Trump’s CFO is in Riker’s for four months.

Bannon and Navarro used a prison consultant to get the best situation wherever they are sent.

Donald Trump could be sentenced to prison or home detention or probation on July 11. What we can say about that is Judge Merchan doesn’t want Trump to win the presidential election in November.

I will add that many Republicans are indicted on sham charges around the insecure election of 2020. Democrats are imprisoning their political opponents as they do in any Third World nation.

CNN’s cold-hearted Erin Burnett gloated happily.

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