NY Court of Appeals Refuses to Hear Trump’s Gag Order Appeal


During the fraudulent Manhattan NDA trial, Judge Merchan took away Donald Trump’s First Amendment rights. Merchan falsely claimed that Donald Trump had threatened people.

Due to the gag order, the former President still doesn’t have a right to speak in defense of this sham trial.

The Court of Appeals in New York has refused to hear Trump’s challenge to the gag order. Perhaps it’s because they are all Democrats

NBC News reports that the court dismissed the appeal “upon the ground that no substantial constitutional question is directly involved.”

Donald Trump has not been able to defend himself, and that will continue.

Judge Merchan fined Donald Trump $10,000 for multiple violations of his stringent order.

The trial is over, and Donald Trump is awaiting sentencing. There is no reason to keep the gag order.

The court’s finding that there is no substantial constitutional question is ridiculous. It looks like an infringement of Trump’s First Amendment rights.

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