Bannon: “These People Won’t Stop at Anything”


Steve Bannon will be in prison for four months at the height of the campaign. He believes that he is being taken off the playing field with other Donald Trump advocates to weaken his campaign. He was found guilty of a misdemeanor. People don’t go to prison for misdemeanors. We can also talk about how corrupt and illegitimate the J6 panel. They are the people who referred him to the Attorney General to send him to prison.

He warned people of what these people are capable of and what their goals are.

“If President Trump gets a multi-year prison sentence and is put on hold, maybe for his appeal, but put on hold for, for some time to give him a home release, or somehow they put restrictions on his ability to actually go out and campaign.

“People got to start asking some very deep questions because the thing in New York, New York was the show trial, like Moscow in the 1930s. And if we’re going to allow that again. People have to ask very deep questions. So I think we’re heading towards a constitutional crisis this country has never had before.”

“These people won’t stop at anything.”

Steve Bannon is a religious Catholic and spoke about how his parents brought the traditional Latin Mass back to the diocese in the 70s.

“That was one of the churches that gave the guys in the Richmond field office because it’s a very traditional, very blue collar, tons of kids going to the military go to the academies, but enlist in the Marine Corps, in the Navy, in the Army. And that’s what the FBI’s going after.

“They’re saying that they’re building political extremists, that this is where extremism is coming from. Your government has turned against you, not our country, the government. This illegitimate regime has taken over the apparatus of the United States government, and it’s enforcing dictatorial power. And we have to stand up for it, just like the revolutionary generation stood up to the dictatorial power of the Crown. And the people like the British East India Company.”

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