Barack Obama Thinks Fox Viewers Live on Another Planet


Barack Obama was out trashing Fox again. He said ifIf You Watch Fox News You’re Living on a Different Planet than If You Listen to NPR. We’re on earth, he should try it some time.

“if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, said Obama. How about Obamacare consultant Gruber who said we couldn’t be told the truth or we wouldn’t buy into Obamacare? How about Ben Rhodes who bragged to a New York Times reporter that he proudly lied and snookered the American people on the Iran deal?

He’s the one living on another planet. He did nothing for the economy except convince people he is responsible for President Trump’s successes a year later.

This is the guy who sent pallets of cash and gold to Iran wants to lecture Americans on facts.

Barack Obama is very transparent. His goal is to destroy the right. The guy’s a Marxist.

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