Barely Republican Kemp: “No One Is Above the Law”


ABC News reports that Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp rebuffed former President Donald Trump’s argument on Sunday that he should be granted legal immunity for his actions while in the White House.

“My personal opinion is, no one is above the law,” Kemp told ABC News’ “This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl.

“You know, I’ve continued to talk about following the law and the Constitution, and that’s what I’m going to continue to do in the great state of Georgia,” Kemp said.

Given the Supreme Court’s tendencies, I don’t think Donald Trump expects to win that issue. Two of his lawyers think it will fail, and it failed last week in the Appeals Court.

Trump’s attorneys said he was impeached but not convicted. In other words, he was tried and acquitted in the Senate.

No One Is Above the Law

That’s a Democrat talking point, as they refuse to abide by it themselves. Of course, no one is above the law, but Democrats use it only to diminish Republicans. They don’t really believe it. It’s an attack.

No one is above the law supercut:

Now, Gov. Kemp could have added something like he believes in Donald Trump’s innocence or the charges are overblown. He didn’t. When Fani Willis was out torching Donald Trump and his supporters, he was posting football photos on X.

Donald Trump backed a Kemp challenger for Governor, David Purdue, a good candidate, but Kemp went on to win the primary and the election.

Tell Them What We Stand For

This is a good point. Move away from personalities and concentrate on the issues.

“We’ve got to tell people what we’re for. We’ve got to stay focused on the future. Quit looking in the rearview mirror. I believe that the voters that are going to decide this presidential election are tired of hearing about the 2020 election and want to focus on what candidates are going to do for them in the months and years ahead,” Kemp said, echoing past veiled criticism of Trump’s fixation on the last race.

What Are You Going to Do As President?

“We showed in the 2022 election if you run on issues and your record and tell people what you’re going to do for them in the future, you can be very successful,” Kemp said.

“This election should be about results, not personalities … because if this general election becomes a debate about who can outlast the other 80-year-old politician, the American people will lose,” Kemp said in a speech to students at Washington and Lee University’s Mock Convention in Lexington, Virginia.

The Georgia governor also harshly criticized the so-called “fringe elements” of political parties.

“We have leaders unwilling to stand up to the fringe elements of their own parties or because they’re scared of getting called out on prime-time Fox News or MSNBC. Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve been there, folks, and I’ve lived to tell the tale. Because, at the end of the day, this election is not about any one person, politician, or political issue,” he said.

Fox News is “Fringe?”

We can all agree with him on this – “close the damn border.”

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20 days ago

If no one is above the law Kemp should be writing his last will now.