Basement Biden promises free stuff, can’t remember Romney’s name


In greater Wilmington airport in New Castle, Delaware, Biden claimed Judge Barrett said she wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. That isn’t true. She has never said that. If she had, you would be hearing the quote ad infinitum. We don’t know how she will vote but even if she votes it down, Americans will not lose healthcare.

Biden can’t even remember the name of the former presidential candidate and currently, Senator Mitt Romney. It’s especially odd since he ran against the Romney-Ryan team.

“I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor,” said Biden.


Biden in Erie

“Here’s how it works, I’m gonna raise taxes.” -Joe Biden in Erie, PA

On Saturday Joe Biden held a small rally with about 12-20 people in Erie, Pennsylvania, including staff. There was a larger group, fewer than 40, spread out awaiting the President. It wasn’t a crowd for a presidential race.

Biden spent 8 or 20 minutes on vacuous talking points before he went into his economic plan. His plan, he claimed, won’t raise taxes on anyone making less than “400 grand,” however, that can’t be true since he plans to eliminate the Trump tax cuts, which cut taxes on 85% of the American middle class.

He claimed that he will require those making more than ‘400 grand’ to finally pay. Actually, the wealthy are paying more of the taxes than any other group and 47% pay no federal taxes. Then Biden fell back on his talking points and the failed stimulus. Their recovery plan was responsible for the most anemic recovery in our recent history.

Biden promised to rebuild 2,000 homes and buildings to create good-paying union jobs. He talked extensively about spending on rebuilding perfectly good buildings.

Biden complained that there is no infrastructure bill but it was Democrats who refused to pass infrastructure bills.

Biden promised free healthcare, housing, food, and more. He ended by accusing Republicans of endangering the vote at polling places.


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