Brief snapshot of how the Amy Coney Barrett hearing is going so far


The hearing to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is so far a show with the politicians giving speeches to mark their territory and express their partisan viewpoints. However, Judge Barrett is a constitutionalist, not a partisan.

Senator Cory Booker expressed the views of the Democrat senators during the hearing today to decide on the fate of Judge Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States. He and other Democrats claimed she will overturn Roe vs. Wade and the Affordable Care Act.

Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris continued the same line and falsely claimed the hearing is “illegitimate.” Again, dishonestly, she claims Judge Barrett will strip millions of Americans from their healthcare. She hyperbolically claimed all of our rights are at stake.

Judge Barrett is an originalist who will NOT legislate from the bench.

Booker also said dishonestly that this hearing is “not normal” and Republicans are “rushing” this nomination. We should let the people decide, he concluded.

Virtually, nothing of what he said is true but representative of Democrats’ opinion.



The average time to confirm is 16 days and it is indeed “normal.”

As for this being an election year, a vacancy has arisen in the President’s final year 29 times. Every president chose to nominate a justice to fill the vacancy. If the Senate is of a different party from the President, the vacancy is not filled. When the Senate and the President are of the same party, a nominee has been taken up by the Senate and they have filled the seat.

Democrats are actually proposing court-packing by changing the law and calling filling this vacancy court-packing. That is Orwellian gaslighting.

As for overturning protections for women and healthcare, Judge Barrett will not change any laws. She is not an activist as are Democrat candidates. The judge believes in fulfilling her role as the Constitution demands. She will interpret the law – only – however that turns out.

Democrats continually claim Republicans don’t care about peoples’ health but they are the ones refusing direct help for COV victims unless their unrelated demands are met.

Judge Barrett’s credentials are impeccable. The Bar Association has given her their highest rating and has said she is “well-qualified” to serve on the Court. They said so prior to today’s hearings.

Democrats want activist ACLU-type Justices who legislate from the bench. They are threatening to pack the court if they win the seats of power next month. Since the Supreme Court is the only court defending our rights, the prospect of turning this court into another legislative body is the way of authoritarians.

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