Bat Lady and NIH Discussed Making Coronavirus More Deadly


Shortly before the pandemic broke out, US scientists held secret talks with Wuhan scientist Shi ZhengLi – “known as Bat Lady”-  as they sought to make coronavirus more deadly. This was two years before the pandemic.

Bat Lady, based in Wuhan, was researching bats in southern China.

It seems like the Collins-Fauci leftists weren’t simply protecting China or merely trying to use it against Donald Trump. They were trying to protect themselves.

The June 2017 meeting at the American National Institutes of Health (NIH) held by ZhengLi appears to strengthen the theory that the West colluded with the Chinese in a cover-up of COVID-19 as a reckless laboratory experiment.


A new cache of documents obtained by freedom of information campaigners (Right to Know) reveals the extent of the controversial work at the World Institute of Virology. It was often supported and funded by America.

US researchers sought funding for work to engineer “spike proteins” that would make it easier for the destructive viruses to infect human cells. They misled authorities about the risk of the experiments to increase their chances of getting grants.

Dr. Fauci, July 17, 2021

Right to Know, a nonprofit public health research group, obtained the documents. In the papers is an order made by Chinese intelligence on January 3, 2020. This was days after the world was first told about COVID-19. The order decreed that its scientists should either share the samples with the government or “destroy them on the spot.”

These documents include emails sent by staff at Eco-Health Alliance. That is a notorious health agency that used government money to sponsor these bat virus experiments.

Think about how social media banned anyone who suggested the virus could have originated in Wuhan. Legacy media also mocked anyone who defied the narrative, including famous doctors they then sought to destroy.

Shi Zhengli

The subject line in one email was “Potential visit… by our Chinese co-investigator, Peter Daszak,- the head of Eco Health. The email states, “Zhengli and I will do a double act and will cover the work we’re doing… as well as the broad-scale surveillance of bats for novel viruses.”

The sequencing of COVID-19 closely matches that found in the caves in China.

In an email, Dr. Ralph Baric, a coronavirus expert, said that US researchers would “freak out” if they knew novel coronavirus engineering testing was being done in low-security, Chinese laboratories but disguised to make the US government more “comfortable” with the plan, which was intended to help with pandemic prevention.

The US government turned down the proposal. But critics say the plans were in the proposal for a blueprint for how to create COVID.

They clarified that fewer safety precautions would exist in Wuhan, Right to Know reports, and they hid the information from the Pentagon. Details here.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Working with an adversary to make a biological weapon has to be treason.

I recall the Bat Lady in early 2020 saying the virus came from her lab.

1 month ago

Line them all up and let the machine guns roar!