Before the leaks, Bolton was informed he could not publish his book


The White House Department of Records has issued a formal letter to keep John Bolton from publishing his book, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.”

A letter dated January 23, 2020, from the White House to the attorney for former Trump national security advisor Ambassador John Bolton informed him that his book should not be published. The reason — it contains TOP SECRET level information. The leaks to the NY Times were posted on the 28th and 29th.

The letter was sent several days before the New York Times anonymously sourced, second-hand report on Bolton’s manuscript was published Sunday night.

That’s not suspicious at all, we say sarcastically.

The letter is signed by Ellen J. Knight, Senior Director for Records, Access and Information Security Management for the National Security Council. Bolton had submitted the manuscript to the NSC for review on December 30, 2019, according to his attorney Charles Cooper.

CBS reporter Weijia Jiang posted the letter. It informed Bolton he could not publish his book:


It looks ever more suspect. Bolton is interfering with the impeachment and the election.

Reports from The New York Times suggest that Bolton’s book details a time last August when the President directly linked $391 million in security aid to Ukraine with an investigation of the Bidens.

Someone should probe the Bidens.

There is nothing illegal here.

That information was leaked, along with information embarrassing Mick Mulvaney and AG Barr and the President. They both vehemently denied the comments in the book.

The President has made numerous claims about possible Biden corruption in Ukraine. CNN erroneously states they are unfounded and false. However, no one has investigated the Bidens, and there is a lot there. CNN is lying. They know better. We have Joe Biden on tape, saying he extorted the Ukrainians.

The President’s defense attorneys in his Senate impeachment trial have criticized the House impeachment managers for not producing any first-hand witnesses. The House now wants the Senate to do what they were supposed to do.

Bolton has said he would be willing to testify in the Senate trial if subpoenaed. Trump has suggested that he might assert executive privilege and block Bolton’s testimony. It looks like Director of Records beat him to it on the book.

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