Ben Crump Wants to Redefine “Crime” to Protect Black Culture


White people are allegedly creating crimes that are an assault on black culture. Race hustler Ben Crump wants to redefine “crime” to advance black privilege.

Crump opposes Broken Glass laws as an example. He also said it’s illegal to wear baggy pants or have milk cartons in your yard if you’re black. He says we [black people] can redefine “crime” itself to solve the problem.

“We can get rid of all the crime in America overnight,” Crump says. “Change the definition of crime. Just like that, if you get to define what conduct is going to be made criminal, you can predict who the criminal is going to be. [One man suggests being black has been made a crime.]

“They [white crackers] make the law to criminalize our coaches, black coaches. I mean, and so when I think that Eric Garner [illegally selling cigarettes in front of a store that sells cigarettes], I always think of stuff like that, Lucy cigarettes.

“Yeah, and then George Floyd was trying to buy cigarettes and so forth [with counterfeit money]. So you have to think about the profiles and things that they come up with, the profilers, pretest your reasons, and it happens every day.

“Yeah, they will come and say you can’t wear baggy pants; you have a crime, right? You can’t have milk cartons in your yard; make that a crime, right?”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, say all the race hustlers in the room, which included Al Sharpton.


John Hawkins wrote on X: Is having milk cartons in your yard like some keystone cultural thing for black people? Because that is definitely the first I’ve heard of that.

Jim Hanson says: “If you get to decide what conduct will be made a crime, you can predict who the criminals will be” — Attorney Crump No sh*t — Citizen Hanson.

Liberacrat has an idea:

So true this:

And because there are real problems in the world, we now have the Hip Hop task force.

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