Berkeley Police Chief Wants a Safe Space for Anarcho-Communist Antifa, BLM


Berkeley yesterday

On Sunday, a right-wing prayer group and other non-violent protesters were besieged by thousands of violent, anarcho-communist Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters. We have video clips and information on this link. The police were made to stand down again and the police chief’s only concern is how to give the violent leftists a safe space, thereby condoning their actions.

Chief Greenwald’s answer to the local CBS news reporter is to give Antifa a safe space: “And as far as I am concerned there are some deep discussions that need to happen within our community about providing space for antifa and some of the folks we saw here today.”

Antifa and BLM are violent revolutionary leftists who want to overturn our government. He wants to give them a space to act within.

There were no Nazis or KKK but it didn’t matter. The violent left assaulted them anyway. As the right-wing protesters were escorted out of the park by police, they thought it was to protect them. In fact, they placed them in danger and abandoned them, according to Irma Hinojosa, a right-wing Latina activist.

Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwald has the answer that will suit the media and politicians who are covering up the rise of the violent left. He wants to make space for Antifa instead of arresting and imprisoning them.

The question for him is does he have to use major force over a patch of grass? He is going to review police strategy which will help Antifa.

Even though Antifa were running around beating people, he didn’t see the “need for separation”.

UC Berkeley police stood by last February as well and allowed the anarcho-communists to cause $100,000 in damage as they protested speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. Police were made to stand down.

Antifa knows the Berkeley mayor is friendly towards them

The mayor himself is accused of being Antifa. The chief is certainly friendly as well.

Antifa in Berkeley, August 27, 2017

NY Times applauds Antifa

The New York Times today condoned Antifa and blasted all right-wing protesters. They claim very few Antifa commit violence or wear masks. It’s the right-wing we are to fear according to author Todd Gitlin. He writes:

Who are the antifa, then? They do not advocate a positive doctrine, racial or otherwise. Some supporters consider themselves (as Mr. Trump accurately said) anarchists, some Marxists of different stripes; others don’t care much what you call them. There is no national antifa organization; most organized groups are local, concentrated in Texas and the Northwest. There’s not even a consensus among adherents as to whether to pronounce the term AN-tee-fah or an-TEE-fah. They aim to confront, expose, shame — and sometimes convert — white supremacists.

Though, outside of Charlottesville, it’s overwhelmingly the left at these rallies that has been the problem, the author continues: Many liberals and leftists think they taint the overwhelmingly nonviolent anti-Trump resistance movement and play into Mr. Trump’s hands.


The dishonest article even quotes The Daily Caller writing that statistics show it is the right-wing committing violent acts. The article in fact shows that claim by the left is “unsubstantiated”.

It doesn’t matter who commits more. The point is these people are anarchO-communists who want to violently overthrow the country

Here is Antifa, NY Times, too bad you didn’t notice

The Antifa attacked a female Fox News reporter:

They told us who they are.

This is what went on in Boston.

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