Bernie Bros call SC Biden voters “rodents,” blacks “low IQ m*****s”


Some Bernie Sanders supporters are not just hard-left, they’re crazy, just as he is. If you go to their threads on Twitter, you might be shocked by the explicit sex and hate they promote.

One Twitter user collected some of their tweets and they apparently think Biden supporters are rodents. They think South Carolina voters are stupid and that especially includes the black voters.

One actually said, “It’s not racist” to say black voters are “low information.” Another called black voters “low IQ monkeys.” Those are your racists folks.

It’s an interesting technique to get votes for their candidate.

Does it come as a surprise that someone who votes for Bernie might be a fry short of a happy meal?



  1. How tolerant or it could be some trolling. Being a few fries short of a happy Frankenfeast has never stopped me. God gave me this cross to bear and my back is strong.
    Killer Mike is still rapping? That album was like 16 years ago or more.
    All the anger at the boomers is because the young and dumb know that they had it better.
    The disgruntled youth were left with a cornucopia and crapped the bed which is not the fault of the boomers or Gen X.
    We wouldn’t be here at all without the greatest generation mostly born in the 1920s. I try to conduct myself so that they would be proud even with my limitations.

  2. If Bernie supporters act like this when they lose to a fellow Democrat in the primaries, imagine how they’d act if Bernie lost in the general election.

  3. Sanders better get these people off of his staff…they are doing more harm than good for his campaign and I can’t believe he is NOT addressing this issue

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