Bernie’s former press secretary thinks Biden will be replaced at the convention


Bernie Sanders’ former press secretary Briahna Joy Gray will not support Joe Biden for president, despite her former boss’s support. She also believes that the sexual allegations by Tara Reade may lead to Biden being replaced as the Democratic Party nominee.

In a Thursday interview with The Atlantic, Briahna Joy Gray said that Biden has not done enough to win her vote or the votes of many other progressive voters. Ms. Gray has tweeted her feelings on the subject.

“The point of my tweet was to say that it is frustrating for a lot of supporters of progressive politics to see leaders in our movement seemingly fall in line with establishment politics without extracting any concessions on issues like a wealth tax, free child care, and Medicare for All. If these are in fact existential issues, then we need to behave that way, and not stop fighting.”

Bernie supports and has endorsed Biden, but Ms. Gray strongly disagrees with him.

Democrats need these communists/socialists to win.

Gray hinted that Biden may not even end up being the nominee at the Democratic convention, noting in particular that the sexual assault allegations raised by Tara Reade against Biden haven’t been thoroughly examined yet, and could present a problem.

“There’s a lot of reasons why Democrats might want to substitute a different person for Joe Biden as the nominee. The Tara Reade allegation has been handled abysmally by the press. If anyone looks at this closely, then they will see reason for concern,” according to Gray.

Gray ultimately concluded that she would vote for Biden, but only if he supports a laundry list of progressive policies, including “Medicare for All, canceling student-loan debt, canceling medical debt, having a wealth tax.”

Free! It’s all free! And the wealth tax is how dictators start out. It’s theft.

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