Betsy De Vos says schools must open in September, left says no


Far-left Democrat Chris Wallace grilled Secretary De Vos today and the social media rats tore into her. The left does not want schools to open.

During the interview, she said the administration is looking for ways to defund schools that don’t reopen in September, except for those in hot spots.

“We need to ensure students have a full year plus of learning,” she said on Fox News Sunday. “They’ve fallen behind this spring. We need to ensure they’re back in a classroom situation wherever possible and whenever possible…fully learning.”

“Parents are expecting that this fall their kids are going to have a full-time experience with their learning, and we need to follow through on that promise,” DeVos told “Fox News Sunday,” stressing that “kids cannot afford to not continue learning.”

DeVos said it is “not a matter of if” this happens, but “a matter of how.”

Wallace was fixated on the impossible CDC guidelines.

The secretary told him that “the CDC never recommended that schools close in the first place,” but she did note that there can be exceptions in areas that are coronavirus hot spots.

DeVos also said that by not being in school, there are children with mental, emotional, and social issues who are suffering from being at home.

Evil Pelosi does not want schools to open or parents to get back to work:


According to Worldometer, New York had 32,400 deaths from coronavirus. Would you be surprised to know Florida had 4200 deaths? Wouldn’t you think they had as many as New York or more if you just listen to the news? They praise Andrew Cuomo who did a terrible job and constantly call Governor Nunes a murderer.

The United States still trails Italy, Spain, the UK, and France in deaths per capita. A total of 9,000 Americans under 55 have died of the virus this year (far fewer than car accidents or overdoses).

The socialist teachers union wants a vaccine before schools reopen. We may never get one and, even if we do, it won’t be for some time. Of course, if Joe Biden becomes president, schools will reopen right away.

It’s just not what they are telling you:

Watch this exchange with Dr. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci:

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