Anti-cop prosecutor, litigious McCloskeys, and Rudy Giuliani


The BLM group that marched through the McCloskey’s property earlier this month were radical and a little crazy. They threatened the McCloskeys who were waving a rifle and a non-working handgun, protecting their property.


The Circuit Court prosecutor is a Soros-funded radical who wants to prosecute them. She served them with a warrant to confiscate their guns.

Kim Gardner has a history of being anti-cop and pro-criminal. She has an exclusion list of police from whom she will not accept a case to prosecute and won’t tell the officers why other than to say she questions their veracity.

She tried to get police in trouble in January for allegedly holding her for 15 minutes at a traffic stop after she was stopped because her lights were out. Surveillance video showed otherwise.

Gardner is accused of having stood in the way of a grand jury probe.

She has let rioters and looters out of jail — every single one of them.


On the other hand, to be fair, the McCloskeys appear to have sued a lot of people, especially when it concerns private property. Their neighbors don’t seem to like them because of their lawsuits.

They are both personal attorneys.

St. Louis Today reports, “…the McCloskeys are almost always in conflict with others, typically over control of private property, what people can do on that property, and whose job it is to make sure they do it.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the DAs put in with Soros money are extreme far-left radicals.

Also, the BLM keeps going back to taunt the McCloskeys but the police said they can’t help them.


Rudy Giuliani noted on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo earlier today, “Look at the DAs we have now. We have Soros-elected anarchist DAs. They’re not there to prosecute the law. They’re there to undermine the law. He put them there. Why would Soros pay for DAs other than to undermine our government. He got people elected who released criminals, don’t prosecute cases. In Philadelphia they won’t even bring a case to the DA, he’s so anti-police, pro-criminal. For five years Soros has been funding these and nobody paid attention but he had a reason. It’s to undermine our government…”

It seems like a lot of odd people ran into each other that fateful day in St. Louis.




  1. The election of these far left, Marxist DA’s is further evidence that democracy is impossible in a diverse society. Diversity is our greatest weakness and anyone who supports diversity is endorsing tyranny.

  2. Diversity is not necessarily a weakness. People can be different, as long as they respect that people ARE different, and don’t try to play the race card every time they want to feel a little special. Nobody cares what your color is, they DO care what your intentions are. I believe you are seeing diversity as a weakness because the marxists are using it as the ruse to push socialism upon is. What they want is not diversity, it’s dominance.

  3. Antifa terrorists and BLM (Burn Loot Murder) thugs riot, burn, loot and kill people, even innocent little children and nothing happens, yet two people attempt to protect themselves and their property from these murdering bastards, they injured or killed no one, and they get prosecuted. This crap has got to stop. Fight back, fight fire with fire. Fight back like this little girl did when attacked by a BLM fat butt moron.
    Little white girl beats crap out of BLM fat butt.

  4. It takes an aggressive man like him to take such a courageous stand. He actually loaded the gun, went out there, confronted them, and they left. He was ready to shoot, would have taken out quite a few of them if provoked.

    He’s a national hero. Look how the communist thugs cowered when facing force.

  5. First, defending yourself with non-working gun is asking to be killed.
    Second, like it or not, and I don’t rally like it, accordin to Misouri law they broke the law. Apparently the judge sort of agrees which is why he issued a warrant and apparently wants to hear the case.

    Or should we just susapend and not pay attention to laws we don’t like and become the type of BLM/ANTIFA monsters we hate?

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