Beware the ‘National Day of Hate’


According to the Counter Extremism Project, today is a neo-Nazi ‘National Day of Hate.’ It’s trending on Twitter. The Left likes to claim Nazis are Republicans, but they are socialists, and that’s their tribe. If you have never heard of the Day of Hate, it could be because it’s propaganda or a small band of lunatics. We don’t know.

The media, law enforcement in major cities, and the ADL, among others, warn of it, and a Day of Resolve has formed to counter it.

We don’t believe it. It’s another cudgel and so far nothing has happened.

Newsweek reports that Neo-Nazi groups organized the Day of Hate against Jewish people. This is according to a leaked internal New York City police document.

Nazis have existed since Hitler in this country and worldwide, but their numbers have significantly dwindled.

What are Antifa and Black Lives Matter doing this weekend? They are vicious, and their numbers are more significant. During the Charlottesville riot, the right and left were screaming anti-semitic remarks.

It could be a psyop.

The Counter Extremism Project identified this threat based on social media. CEP is an NGO. Media Bias Fact Check is so left-wing that they think CEP, which includes sources like The Southern Poverty Law Center and Secretary Mayorkas in their assessments, leans right.
Rolling Stone reports:

An analysis of social media activity by the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) found that the call to action stemmed from accounts associated with the National Socialist Movement, and three regional extremist groups based in Iowa, New York, and California.

Law enforcement in New York, Illinois, and Florida have issued bulletins and statements announcing plans for heightened attention to extremist activity this weekend, but maintain that they’ve identified no specific threats of violence against Jewish communities.

The New York Police Department, as well as law enforcement in Lakewood, New Jersey, issued statements promising increased vigilance, but assured the public that no explicit threats by extremists had been identified. New York Attorney General Letitia Jamesaddressed the reports on Twitter, writing that “New York will not stand for a single day, hour, or minute of hate against our communities” while encouraging the public to report threats or suspicious activity to police.

Rolling Stone continues:

The Chicago Police Department wrote in a statement that while there is currently “no actionable intelligence” regarding specific threats, the department will “continue to actively monitor the situation.” Miami police indicated that while they “have not received any credible threats to South Florida, public safety remains our top priority.

There are NO EXPLICIT THREATS AND NO ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE. Yet the Day of Hate has stirred up a lot of hate on Twitter – against Fox, Tucker, and many other people on the right.

Who are these lunatics?

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