Biden Admin Considers a Census Box for Descendants of Slaves


The Biden administration is looking to create a category in the census for descendants of slaves. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Biden administration is asking the public for input on how it might differentiate Black people who are descendants of slaves in America from those whose families arrived more recently as immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean or other countries.”

“Some Black Americans, say society too often conflates their experiences with those of Black immigrants, who only started moving to the U.S. in meaningful numbers in the past few decades. Roughly one in five Black people in the U.S. are immigrants or their children, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center,” WSJ reports.

That is true, but every identity group tries to trade off the black experience.

“America sees Black people as a monolith,” said Chad Brown, spokesperson for the National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants, which backs reparations and is pushing for the change. “When you say all Black people are the same, you are ignoring differences in culture, ancestry, economics, and you are doing a disservice to everyone lumped into that group.”

Therein lies the problem. This is even more divisive and sets Americans up for reparations. Maybe they should also look to Africa for reparations since it was their own countrymen capturing them and sellling them off.

Bidensistas are also considering creating a new race question category for Americans of Middle Eastern or North African heritage. More division!

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