Biden admin looks for terrorists among NRA and Republican clubs


In his opening remarks for his confirmation hearing, General Lloyd Austin (ret), President-elect Biden’s nominee to be DOD Secretary, pledged to “fight hard… to rid our ranks of racists and extremists.” He means ridding Soviet-style and is looking only at the Right.

By “racists and extremists,” he is referring to white male Trump supporters. The tactic of the Obama administration to paint the Right, and only the Right as extremists is back.

We’re back to America is not exceptional again. Yet, we are. America was founded on principles of INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. No other nation has been. The United States has been a force for good in the world. The collective disagrees.


The Biden administration plans to make domestic terrorism a key focus of the National Security Council, according to transition team officials. They have been looking at ways to shift government resources used for counterterrorism, to combat “domestic violent extremism,” as the new administration is expected to call it.

Again, they are only looking at the Right.

According to Jack Posobiec, a White House source says the NRA, Turning Point USA, and the Patriot Guard Riders are three of many non-militia groups on the list used by the CID  and FBI to seek out so-called extremists. They are using the list to cross-reference in vetting for potential “extremists.”

Those groups are not extremists. They’re moderate.

YAF is also on the list, and it too is not extreme at all.

Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Freedom commit the cardinal sin of wanting to keep the Bill of Rights. The same goes for the NRA.

They’re looking at various Turning Point USA chapters in almost every university and high school where there is one (for example high school members who are in the future soldier program, which is Army’s version of Delayed Entry Program) and college-age soldiers obviously already in.

Investigators are also looking for the following in pictures: MAGA / KAG apparel, Gadsden flag, Confederate Flag, NRA gear, Q stuff.”

Soldiers’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tik-toks, and Snapchat are also being checked. Units from deep red states such as Texas are being thoroughly examined.

Left-wing, anarchist groups are also listed but not a top priority. In fact, zero have been investigated as of this evening. Leaders in both the Army and the FBI have focused attention on groups with “strong conservative sentiments.”

NCIS, AFOSI, CGIS are also expecting to receive that directive from senior DoD officials in the coming days. This goes way beyond the inauguration. It won’t magically stop after tomorrow, Posobiec says.

Additionally, Biden hired a private security service for $7 million to be paid by taxpayers. He doesn’t trust our military or police.

Stalin would be proud.

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2 years ago

“… looking only at the Right.”

Just wait ’til the foreign invading caravans are allowed in and take away all Antifa/BLM’s freebies! Fun times ahead for the Dems?

2 years ago
2 years ago

Anyone think this is normal. A total of 65,000 Nation Guard are called up.

Once people are “labeled” domestic terrorists any order will be justified. I haven’t found a clip, but news was running an interview with a Guardsman who said this was to protect You. (From whom). Government forces will view their actions as being “patriotic” against “perceived” threats. People are already being arrested for “making threats”, where or not they are capable of carrying them out.

This is precisely Why I never contemplated any kind of social media presence. I never forgot how the Federal Government pushed for the “Clipper Chip”. If their desire was for that level of surveillance, what else would they contrive to accomplish that task. Everyone should have known by then the government cannot be trusted and Snowden proved it to be true.

Funkadelic Miss September Remix
Funkadelic Miss September Remix
2 years ago

The Groper doesn’t know much more beyond more apple sauce and orange juice so these are coming from the resistance bunker in DC.
They are looking to use the plandemic and Great Reset to go full Zimbabwe.
These aren’t the sharpest swords in the armory and they won’t be able to implement their half baked faculty lounge bong hit brigade schemes.
We are seeing a dangerous cornered beast baring its fangs and the rest of the world will decouple from the dollar to put an end to all of the grand plans for good.

Gadsden Forlorn
Gadsden Forlorn
2 years ago

Well if they purge all the Trump voters from the military, that’s a pretty well-known statistic. About 75%. With the military reduced to 25% strength, I guess Joe can use the savings to outsource to the CCP. That should fix it. Problem solved. He’s a total genius.