Biden Administration Is Selling US Energy Out to COP28


The climate deal, which could determine the planet’s future, is furiously being worked on at the UN’s COP28 summit.

The first draft text released last night caused widespread anger because it did not call for the full phasing out of fossil fuels.

Joe Biden and his climate czar, John Kerry, have promised to eliminate all coal and hydrocarbons from natural gas.

Nearly 200 countries are working on a deal they can all agree on. Whatever deal they reach, the US will be the big loser, and Joe Biden will gladly sell us out. He is selling us out – our constitution, our freedoms, and our source of energy – to the globalists

The UN IPCC is deciding on US climate policy. What could go wrong?


During the COP 28, Joe Biden promised to eliminate all coal – ALL COAL – by about 2035. He promised no new coal plants as the Biden Environmental Protection Agency imposed power plant emission regulations that coal plants can’t possibly comply with. They’ll fold.

The day after Biden made his grand promise, Vice President Kamala Harris announced new rules to “sharply reduce methane from the oil and natural gas industry.”

The administration calls methane a “super-pollutant” that it wants to eliminate because it’s “many times more potent than carbon dioxide.”

But methane is effectively a hydrocarbon that comes from natural gas.

Eliminating methane is a de facto ban on natural gas power plants.

Eradicating coal and natural gas plants will ravage America’s electric power capacity. Rolling blackouts and brownouts will occur regularly.

When solar and wind aren’t working, everything will shut down. Power will be rationed. What happens to hospitals, schools, factories?

The administration plans to shut down more than 60% of America’s electric power generation.

Coal still provides roughly 20% of our electric power; natural gas supplies around 40%.

The electric grid can’t handle it. This is insanity.

China will continue to build coal plants every month, as will India. China is the biggest emitter of pollution, and they are our biggest national security threat.

However, why wouldn’t the regime that is letting the unvetted world pour through also destroy our energy sector, our greatest source of wealth?


Alex Newman of New American states that totalitarians like John Kerry and Al Gore are calling for censorship, global taxes, and a “transformation” that is “unstoppable.”

Western governments are making pledges that will destroy the United States. They believe nothing can stop them, and they are indoctrinating and frightening the youth, so they will help push it through.

They are also pouring billions into red states to bribe them to adopt the green energy agenda.

Chris Coons believes even if Donald Trump wins the election, they will “continue to move forward” no matter what. They say they can’t be stopped. Obviously, they don’t care who the people elect.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Go to sleep politically and you will wake up a slave similar to the European serfs of the dark and middle ages,

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago

Even worse…Digital Control…absolute….