Biden Administration Mandates OT for Low-Salaried Workers


The Biden administration is mandating private businesses pay time-and-a-half to a greater number of low-salaried workers. They say businesses are inflating titles so they don’t have to pay overtime.

About 3.6 million additional low-salaried workers would be entitled to overtime pay under a new proposal from the Biden administration. The proposed rule would lift the cutoff for the overtime from its current level of $35,568 to $55,000 annually.

This is to allegedly correct an “outdated” system with lower-paid workers.

The cleaning lady.

It was updated four years ago with a 50% increase to $35,568.

Currently, there is a salary threshold for time and a half pay. Under this rule workers earning less than $1,059 a week would receive time and 1/2. It will have the biggest impact on retail, food, hospitality, manufacturing and other industries where many managerial employees meet the new threshold.

It’s also industries where a lot of the new illegal aliens work.

Prices will increase.

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