You Won’t Be Warned That World War III Is Here


The following clip is from a Canadian prepper. He presents some interesting scenarios about the potential of nuclear war. He makes some good points. See what you think. I included a brief summary.

“Understand that it wasn’t until midway through the Second World War when it became commonplace to refer to the current conflict that they were in as World War II. In fact, after the Great War, of course they only had one reference point – the Great War in World War I in 1919 – there was one reference to it possibly being the Second World War.


And in 1939, Time magazine came out and said you know maybe there might be a Second World War. But it wasn’t until midway through and really more so, until the war was over, that it was referred to as World War II.


So stop thinking that World War III is going to be demarcated by some announcement or some officiation, it’s not, it’s here, it’s starting now, it’s a continuation of wars that have happened in the past that continuation of the end of the Cold War, I guess you can say in what started the events precipitating 2014 and all of that. What is happening right now, with the global shift towards a multi polar world, we are in World War III.”


There isn’t going to be a formal announcement that we’ve entered World War 3. You’re not going to have that kind of warning, and the truth is we are in it, says the narrator of the clip below.

Direct war could happen at any moment. Russia has just deployed their nuclear Sarmat long-range missiles which NATO calls Satan  II. For whatever reason it cannot be intercepted.

Once launched, this missile separates into 10 nuclear warheads with  several dozen decoys. They travel 25,000 kilometres per hour. You’re not going to intercept it.

Russia said that they are invincible and they will not be defeated. It’s clear they will not surrender. [The US on the other hand has the fools in charge who surrendered Afghanistan to 7th-century thugs.].

Ukraine has increased their attacks on Moscow. They are attempting to attack Crimea. Russia will not let this happen. [Don’t forget that the very people who told us Putin is a madman are the same people who are telling us he would never use nuclear weapons. Of course, he will use nuclear weapons if he thinks he is losing.]

Putin is moving his weapons because he’s preparing for war with NATO, the narrator warns.

There are a large number of people in Ukraine who support Russia. Putin is likely trying to avoid destroying Ukraine in order to exploit that population later on.

The war is coming to Moscow and that will force Putin to act. Ukraine is attacking Moscow, chip manufacturers, nuclear plants, and Moscow’s air space. It’s only a matter of time before Moscow reacts. They are putting all their pieces in place for this war. Undoubtedly, China has their back. To think that they won’t jump into the war to support Russia is beyond naive.

Ukraine is close to blocking off Russia from the path through Belarus to Kaliningrad. Russia will not accept that.

Baltics are closing checkpoints, shutting off routes of supplies of goods from China to Poland.

The top propagandist TV host in Russia said that there is no longer a taboo against going to war with a nuclear nation. He said that war is inevitable, and it’s the end times. Some believe this.

The mission creep toward Moscow is clear as day.

The US sent a Stealth Bomber into Europe to message Russia that they are prepared for nuclear war also.

Let’s hope he’s wrong.

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