Biden and Harris had to say the USA isn’t racist thanks to Sen Scott


Writing for the Wall Street Journal, William McGurn said that until Senator Scott said the USA is not a racist country, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would not have admitted the country is not racist.

We are indebted to Senator Scott for courageously standing up for America and WHITE PEOPLE.

The Left flipped out after Senator Scott made the comment because he is best positioned as a black Republican to say it over a white Republican.

He forced their hand.

The article at the Wall Street Journal continued:

As we saw after his speech, progressive bigotry can be as crude as the more traditional varieties: “Uncle Tim,” an unsubtle way to call Mr. Scott an “Uncle Tom,” trended onTwitter ; a Texas county chairman of the Democratic Party called him an “Oreo” in aFacebook post; and white liberals such as Jimmy Kimmel and Joy Behar condescended to the senator, apparently believing him in desperate need of celebrity instruction on race and racism.

The sweet irony is that it has all backfired, notably by proving true Mr. Scott’s complaints about progressive hate. Even sweeter, in a Republican Party working to define itself post-Trump, these liberal slurs have served only to elevate Mr. Scott’s national standing as a powerful and promising party leader.

So chalk one up for the senator, the first American politician in memory to pull off a televised response to a presidential address to Congress that upstaged the president himself.

So true!

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