Biden announced his Cabinet appointments, Obama’s back!


The fake president-elect Joe Biden appointed Tony Blinken as his secretary of state. Alejandro Mayorkias will be the secretary of homeland security.

Mayorkias was appointed to the court by Bill Clinton and was recommended by Senator Dianne Feinstein. He worked as deputy secretary under Obama and orchestrated the new alignment with communist Cuba.

Hanoi John, John Kerry, who gave us the Iran deal, will serve as presidential envoy for climate and will sit on the National Security Council. Kerry believes we can control the climate and that it is our most serious national security threat. It is no secret that climate change extremism will be used to make the US into a socialist country.

Avril Haines will become the deputy national security adviser. Her biggest plus is that she is a woman. She also served as Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency to Barack Obama.

Jake Sullivan, a former Obama deputy NSA, is back as White House National security adviser.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield will become the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. She is a black woman, which is very important to Democrats. Greenfield will reverse Trump’s America First policy and bring us back into subjugation to the U.N. and has worked under Barack Obama.

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