Biden appears to be admitting warlords into the country


An increasing number of US-bound “extra-continental” migrants traveling an international route that, unbeknownst to much of the American public, connects all of the African continent’s countries to the U.S. southern border. Many will claim asylum and find quick release into the nation’s interior with little or no meaningful security vetting, writes Todd Bensman at the Center for Immigration Studies.

He met some of the men who are coming into the US and they included:

Five military-aged African migrants who hailed from the northwest African Muslim-majority nation of Mauritania and were going to the United States.

A few days earlier, I met three migrants in Los Chiles from Senegal, and five others from Eritrea in the northern Costa Rica town of La Cruz. I examined one local La Cruz motel log book that listed travelers from Guinea, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leon, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. One customer listed his name merely as “Mohamed” from “Africa,” another as Ahmed Talib, also from “Africa.”

They could well be warlords. It’s not ‘if’ warlords are coming in, it’s how many.

The article continues:

But as I have often warned, illegal immigrants from Africa pose a national security risk that is different than the more familiar ones from Central America because U.S. homeland security agencies often can’t nail down whether some are radicalized Islamic terrorists, violent atrocity-committing war criminals – or victims of those very scourges.

Now comes news of the recent federal indictment against Mezemr Abebe Belayneh, an Ethiopian living as a naturalized American citizen in Snellville, Georgia.

The 65-year-old stands accused of covering up his participation as a torturing interrogator in Ethiopia’s 1976-1978 “Red Terror,” in which the Marxist-Leninist group known as the “Derg” vying for power in the country rounded up members of rival communist Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party, or EPRP, seized their weapons, then tortured and executed them in makeshift prisons.

Belayneh didn’t come in illegally. He got in on the visa lottery, another barely-vetting program. The man’s a warlord.

Joe Biden is admitting warlords in all likelihood. This smacks of Obama. He has a hand in this. He hates the USA.

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2 years ago

It is clear that drug cartels have set up satellite offices in California and it’s looking like cities like Chicago too!

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

China Joe Biden and his handlers are destroying this country and all this will come back to bite them in the a$$,

Coffee Table Books About Art
Coffee Table Books About Art
2 years ago

Plenty of tribal garb comrades around and they are entertaining at the Sack N’ Save with one comradette having a batch of bananas resting on her head!
I only shop there because it is close but they are all onboard with the world come to America for milk and honey plan.
National identity and sovereignty have to be erased in order for Chiquitastan to be folded into the global CCP serftopia.
The land of Sun Tzu has mastered the real communism and will boot some faces and rifle bayonet some comrades to prove it.